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Meet the team

Cathy Chauhan
Production Manager
With formal qualifications in Food Science – Product Development, plus ancillary knowledge and skills acquired in the food tourism and marketing sectors, Cathy brings a vital mix of production insights, commercial awareness and interpersonal skills to her role. Above all, her rigorous focus on quality systems and risk assessment ensures that all activities for which she is responsible fall within their budget and meet all regulatory standards.
Andrew Kerr
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Andrew can draw on many years’ experience as a manufacturing engineer, including extensive periods working with Class 1 and Class 3 life-saving medical devices and seating systems designed to optimise the postural care of disabled children. Among his niche specialisms are his insights to the implications of change and how this feeds into the need for rigorous traceability in the manufacturing process.
Ciaran McKinley
Quality & Regulatory Compliance Manager
Ciaran has worked in the medical device industry for 23 years. With a history in mechanical and electrical engineering he headed up a team that set up a manufacturing line in China for a consumable for a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) screening device. He was heavily involved in the Quality Management System and soon became the management representative and successfully steered the company through several ISO 13485 external audits. In 2018 he became Quality Manager for a company that specialised in seating systems to help care for children with a range of disabilities. During his time there he lead a team which successfully transitioned from MDD (Medical Device Directive) to MDR (Medical Device Regulation).
Chris McVitty
Business Development Manager
For many of our customers, Chris is their first point of contact with inobloc Healthcare Solutions. Open, genial and intensely trustworthy, Chris has an innate ability to build strong client relationships, founded on mutual respect. Allied to this, he has the knowledge and skills needed to carefully guide our clients along the best path to successful product development and positive commercial outcomes.
Contact Chris : cmcvitty@blocppe.com
Frank McCullough
Business Development Manager
A Product Designer by training, Frank has brought his own products to market, so he understands the nuances and challenges of design and production. Beyond this, he has an incisive commercial mind, is an open advocate of fresh approaches and change, and is tenacious in pursuing our customers’ commercial interests.
Contact Frank : fmcullagh@blocppe.com